BEFORE-Setting Up the Show
Talk about a blank canvas.
Main Hall and Stage
Patio and Garden Outside
Windows On the Right
Front Entrance and
Alcove--Will become a Beautiful
Harvest decorated area.
End of Main Hall Leading
Into the Kitchen and Small Lovely
Garden Out of Large Window
Obviously the Kitchen
This is the room behind the door customers
see us running through constantly.
My junk and bible (binder with everyone's
information in it-on left counter.)
YES, we even use the
Powder Room or what we call
The Bride's Room.
Where the Bride changes before
Weddings held at the Club.
This is the back patio where
EVERYTHING gets dumped.

Getting started--Electricial has to
be put out on the floor first.

Then we spread clear plastic
under everything so we don't
scratch VERY OLD floors.
Right here you can't see the pretty
garden around the patio--but it is
there among our mess.  Yes, those
are cash registers out there just
waiting for you.