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History Club of Los Gatos
The parking lot at the Los Gatos History Club is quite a bit
smaller than we are used to at the Saratoga Foothill Club.

We have some suggestions for parking-- Across the street
from the History Club in the residential area and there is a lot
of street parking especially on Stacia Ave., Whitney, Johnson
Ave and Loma Alta Ave.  The residents are used to it --the
Club has been there as long as the Victorians.

A bit of information for non locals--Los Gatos Blvd becomes
East Main St  as you make the vire to the right going into
central Los Gatos.  Main St crosses Santa Cruz Ave   Many
people think  Santa Cruz Ave. is our "Main St.".  How's that for

Parking is also available in the Los Gatos High School
parking lot after 5:30 pm Wednesday through Friday and all
day Saturday and Sunday.  Los Gatos High School is located
behind the History Club down Simons Way and to the right.

The LG Community Bus stops right in front of the History
Club and across the street going the other way.  It can be
picked up at the downtown parking lots and other places in
town.  The only time it is packed is when the high school
students take it to go home after school.  The fee is 50 cents
for seniors and it was $1 for others--of course that is always
up to change.  Some of you may even have a monthly pass
that can be used.  We would love to work something out with
the VTA to shuttle for us, but it has not happened yet.

Facing the History Club on the right is their parking lot.  The
street next to it is  Simons Way.  Turn on Simons Way and
you will see a area for customer drop off and pick up.

The drop off area is for customers that cannot walk.  After
dropping off  your person-- drive down street to the left.  Take
a left at the High School and you will circle around back to the
History Club.

AFTER SHOPPING--Pick up your merchandise
If you have had a lot of fun and have many bags or large
objects you may also drive to this area and pick up your
merchandise.  Just pull in and we will have someone meet
you at your car with all your goodies!

Merchandise Pick up is located to the right of the building in
the parking lot.  There will be a sign to point your way.
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